Our Scratches At School

Hasil Karya AREPRO

In My mind 😀

Colourfull  wooohoo …

With AREPRO at PRO (*ipaloro)  😀

BY: Mandafishy Cipekeey Futurizia Gitagiselv


Witch and Eclipse by mandafishy

Astronout In Space by Cipakeey

Aliens On The Lunar Soil by futurizia

Jet From Moon To Earth by gitagiselv

The Red Dragon In The Clouds by wawansp

A Gift To The Moon by (???)

Colorful Balloons by (???)

Our Scratches

Ini adalah karya seni AREPRO, maaf jika saya memberi judul seenak jidat /plak 😉 maaf yaa sebagian lupa itu karya siapa, sebenernya ada 38 karya tapi hanya ini yang bisa saya jepret hohohoh *bow


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im okay

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  1. rahmat puji ermawan

    hahaha sing paling apik iku tekanku rek… 😀

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